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The perfect setting for a spontaneous and creative  sketching experience is anywhere you are! On your next excursion, don’t just take a photo, create a memory to treasure in 25 minutes or less!
Pocket Sketching technique is easy to learn, compact and portable to use, and quick to complete.  No experience needed, just a willingness to have fun.
It’s so compact. You only need a water soluble pen, 4x6 inch pad of paper, a small paint set, and brush to sketch in black and white or in color.
It’s so portable. You can use it while hiking, biking, sauntering, sitting in a café, at the airport, in a plane, on bus or a park bench, or in your own backyard.
It’s so quick. In the time it takes to sip a cup of coffee or tea [25 minutes or less] you can create a memory of the moment. Ideal for the timid beginner to paint fearlessly in public and the artist who wants minimal equipment, portability, and speed. "With Pocket Sketching, the world becomes your studio!"
Join us for the fun! Here are some workshop topics:

•Landscape; Still Life; People;
•Sketch Journaling, Personalized Stationery;
•Sketching with Tools [to achieve certain design effects while sketching];
•Introduction to Sky, Sea, and Land;
•Plein Air [Yes! We go outside to sketch in public];
•Bodies in Motion; Waters; Trees; Weather;
•Pets; Faces; Color and more . . .

Paulette Lagana is a Certified Instructor of “Pocket Sketching™" technique created by Kath Macaulay. [See "Events" for more information]


Article about Paulette's "Pocket Sketching" Class