Bay Area artist Paulette Lagana’s artwork is on exhibit at the following times and locations:

• Art Trax/Art Walk, Pittsburg
• Delta Gallery, Brentwood: ongoing
• Blackhawk Gallery,  Danville: ongoing
• Brentwood's Farmers Market
• Colored Pencils Society
• Art In The Park, Martinez

• Downtown Danville Art & Wine Stroll

“With Pocket Sketching, the world becomes your studio!”



Pocket Sketch On-The-Go
Workshop Schedule for May2018
Artist & Instructor: Paulette Lagana

Here's the list of upcoming workshops for May and June. Please plan in advance by sending, me an email or calling me [925-325-9632], so you will be assured a place is saved just for you [and a friend, if you'd like].
For Adults & Teens [age 13+]
[See below for addresses of venues]


Pocket Sketch On-The-Go Workshops 2018




LANDSCAPE ~ Looking at the mountains both distant and near, seeing the foothills sprawled in front of them, and cactus flourishing in the desert sun, this is the simple peacefulness you can capture with Pocket Sketch On-The-Go.

STILL LIFE ~ A colorful bouquet of flowers arranged in a simple vase can change a space into a statement. Capture a still life moment by learning about focal point and perspective with Pocket Sketch On-The-Go.

PEOPLE ~ Capture the essence of a person with Pocket Sketch On-The-Go. You will sketch what it is about that person that makes you take a closer look or to see that person in the moment. This is not portraiture.

SKETCH – JOURNAL ~ Your Pocket Sketch On-The-Go -Journal can make the difference between walking through life on ‘autopilot’ or being present in the moment, by turning that small moment, however mundane to another person, into a burst of time to remember for YOU.

SKETCHING WITH TOOLS U~ sing certain small, portable “tools”, with such everyday items as simple salt, sponge, wax, and so much more, you can transform an ordinary Pocket Sketch into a design opportunity and create an impact statement in your artwork.
PLEIN AIR ~ Whether you are in the city or the woods, the mountains or at sea, when the outdoors becomes your subject, Pocket Sketch On-The-Go converts the outdoors into your portable studio. You can complete a sketch in under 25 minutes and with this technique, you can choose it to be exactly as you see it or to be a composite you create.

WEATHERED SKIES ~ Flat or puffy, thin or layered, clumped or scattered across the sky, clouds stir our imaginations in delight or loom ominously overhead. Clouds define our skyscape. Explore painting the sky in its many moods and temperatures with Pocket Sketch On-The-Go!

TREES THAT SOAR ~ Whether deciduous, evergreen, or conifer, trees have been fascinating subjects for artists to paint since forever. Leafy canopies at the top yet solidly grounded at its bottom, trees line our streets and hillsides as well as our imaginations. Explore the branch, bark, and bough of it all through Pocket Sketch On-The-Go!

WET AS WATER ~ Water is a mood inducing subject to Pocket Sketch On-The-Go, no matter where we find it: at the beach, on a cliff, in a brook, cascading down a ravine, or under a sailboat. It can be rough or rippling or still. Water can evoke emotions within us: thrilling, soothing, frightening, inviting. Let's explore water together. Life jacket not required.

Artist:  Paulette Lagana is a Certified Instructor of Pocket Sketchingtechniques created by Kath Macaulay

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For more information regarding workshops, call 925-325-9632 or send an e-mail: