Paulette Lagana



Artist Statement

“Painting is the exterior expression of my inner life. I’m inspired by my life’s adventures, by the seasons, by my own sense of wonder and whimsy, and by being open to the stimulation of my surroundings. For me, painting was a secret place in my heart that I was afraid to enter for most of my life. Then in 2000, I decided that I would explore that place. I found a teacher and my life changed with the tip of a brush. Painting is the place where I find endless possibilities to see the world [inner and outer] and to express myself with a brush. Although my working life is in retirement, my creative life is renewed, revisited, and revealed through painting."


Bay Area artist and instructor Paulette Lagana moved to California in 1982. She paints in a variety of mediums including watercolor, colored pencil, acrylic, and collage. Her artwork is on display in East Bay galleries.


An avid globe-trotter, travel changed her world view but painting gave her adventures color, texture, and light. She is a Certified Instructor of “Pocket Sketching”, a compact and portable pen/watercolor technique (created by Kath Macaulay.) [Events]

Presently, original artwork, matted prints, and frame-able greeting cards are on exhibit in several East Bay galleries. [Events]

Currently, she is an active member of the Art Guild of the Delta [AGD], California Watercolor Association [CWA], Colored Pencil Society [CPS], Pleasanton Art League [PAL], Livermore Art Association [LAA], Tracy Art League [TAL], Pacific Art League, Art Trax/Creative Pittsburg, Mendocino Art Center [MAC] and is Program Director of the Alamo Danville Artists’ Society [ADAS].

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